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The Bigmate 3G Syrus offers scalability, compatibility and enhanced functionality and features. The 3G Syrus is dual mode capable and driver ID and Garmin compatible, providing the ultimate GPS monitoring device for your fleet management solution.

This competitively priced full function device reads data for heavy vehicles and trucks conforming to the J1939 interface standard as well as reading data for light vehicles via the OBDII interface.

The Bigmate 3G Syrus is an all in one GPS tracking device which boasts multiple features and benefits including…

  • Weather resistant IP65 rated making it the perfect option for vehicles and mobile assets exposed to harsh weather conditions
  • Anti-tamper functionality accurately detects when the device’s case has been opened
  • Ideal for trailer tracking & equipment to safeguard against theft
  •  Driver ID
  • Temperature sensors
  • Retrieve back or forward log messages to provide valuable data after a critical incident such as harsh braking condition, crash event with photo capturing functionalities
  • Built-in remote diagnostics to monitor the health of hardware components as well as efficiency of communication
  • Motion detector, shock and aggressive driving detection
  • Internal backup battery lasting up to 10 days
  • Additional backup satellite communications are available if required
  • Internal Next G and GPS antennas
  • 3 auxiliary discrete inputs
  • High speed data transfer for faster communication and interaction for IoT/M2M applications

This device is ideally suited for almost any vehicle and mobile asset requirement, such as…

  • Cars, vans or trucks
  • Trade service vehicles
  • Sales or company vehicles
  • Companies with small or large fleets
  • Asset security such as truck trailers
  • Mobile plant equipment
  • Plant and equipment hire

Combined with the 3G Syrus, Bigmate offers the most reliable data of what happens to your fleet whilst on the road, so you can trust you’re making the right decision.
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