Minimate FAQs

How long is the Minimate warranty?
The Minimate warranty comes with a manufacturer's 12 month warranty.

What should I do if my Minimate doesn't work?
Contact us on 1300 477 787 and we will work through the issue/s with you to determine the appropriate action or if a replacement is required.

What should I do if I lose my Minimate?
Your Minimate is an active device that others can use so contact the Minimate support team on 1300 477 787 and we can suspend your service until the device is either found or replaced.

Will Minimate work in remote areas?
Minimate works on the Optus 3G network - so if you are outside standard mobile coverage your Minimate may not work.

How do I charge my Minimate?
Minimate comes with a charging cradle. We suggest charging at the end of each day by gently placing Minimate in the allocated charger, ensuring that the power is turned on at the wall and the charge light turns on. Charging usually completes within a few hours.

What if my Minimate won't charge?
If your Minimate doesn't appear to be charging, check cables and plugs are connected properly and that your Minimate is in the appropriate position within the charger. If it still won’t charge call 1300 477 787 for further trouble shooting assistance and/or a replacement charger.

Can I purchase additional Minimate chargers?
Yes additional device chargers are available for purchase at $39 each and can be sent out within 5-7 business days (a small shipping fee applies).

What if I want to change my emergency recipients?
If you wish to update your SMS, mobile calls and email recipient list, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1300 477 787.

Can I give my Minimate to someone else to use?
Yes but you will continue to be charged as the agreement is between you as the purchaser and BIGmate. If you want to give Minimate as a gift it is advisable to notify BIGmate at the time of purchase so your account is setup appropriately.

Can someone else take over my contract if I don't need my device any longer?
You can transfer ownership of your BIGmate agreement by completing a Change of Ownership Form. Simply call 1300 477 787 and ask the support team to email or post you a copy of this form.

What happens if I change my mind and want to return Minimate?
Once you have received your Minmate and opened the box, the device cannot be resold or returned. The device can be sent back if it is unopened and in good condition within 10 days of your purchase for a full refund less any postage fees and subscription termination charges.

What happens if I want to cancel my contract?
You can cancel your contract at any time with 30 days written notice. A once only charge of $199 applies for breaking the agreement terms.

What is included in my monthly subscription fee?
Your monthly subscription fee covers 5 minute tracking of your device, 24 hours a day 7 days per week. It also includes access to the two-way voice system and a bonus of 5 free SMS each month should you wish to test the device.

Are there any additional charges that are not covered in my monthly subscription fee?
In cases where you exceed your 5 free SMS per month, a $0.33 per SMS charge will apply. If the emergency voice component is triggered from your device a $3.30 per minute charge applies, charged in 30 second increments 

What do I do if my device has been deemed faulty?
The support team will guide you on this and in most cases we will ship another device to your door. It is also a criteria that the faulty device must be returned to BIGmate head office within 30 days of the new device shipment or charges for a further device will apply.

Note: All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.


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