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Whether you run one or two vehicles for a home based business, a small fleet of light vehicles for a small to medium sized business, or a fleet of medium to heavy vehicles doing the long haul for a larger business, or whether you just need to protect your non-mobile, big ticket, business assets, Bigmate offers a wide range of affordable solutions that can provide multiple benefits for your business. These benefits include;

Reduced Accident/Incident Rates:

  • Monitor and view your Entire fleet easily through one screen on PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone
  • Speeding and driver behaviour alerts sent to your phone or email
  • Monitor harsh events and roll overs
  • Monitor hand-brake activity
  • Monitor Seat belt activity
  • Increased safety awareness

Better Driver and Regulatory Compliance: 

  • Government approved tca type approved device IDP 782
  • We offer an IAP solution - through our partner
  • Devices that are Electronic Work Diary ready (EWD)
  • Devices that are On Board Mass ready (OBM)
  • Chain of Responsibility covered through our Sign On screen packages

Improved Asset Protection and Management: 

  • Always know where your vehicles, plant and equipment are located
  • Be notified if unauthorised movements occur
  • Reduce Insurance costs
  • Coverage across populated and rural areas 

Reduced Paperwork: 

  • Pre/Post vehicle checks on screen
  • Fit for duty declarations on screen
  • Report any incidents immediately 
  • Sign On/Sign Off on screen- 
  • Access from any tablet or mobile phone 

Reductions in Fleet Operating Costs: 

  • Fuel savings
  • Reduced wear and tear on vehicles and assets
  • Better route management
  • Tax rebates
  • Reductions in insurance
  • Limiting business risk

Improved Maintenance and  Service Management:

  • Receive alerts prior to service schedules falling due
  • Set and forget scheduling
  • Advanced preparation for scheduling vehicles off road 
  • Easily add and change key details

Greater Productivity:

  • Improved asset utilisation
  • Driver ID and driver behaviour
  • Engine utilisation hours
  • Vehicle fault recognition
  • Detailed route breadcrumb
  • Kilometre utilisation

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