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Part of the 2SG Technology Group, Bigmate is one of the leading innovators in the global field of GPS tracking and asset management technology.

Bigmate was established with a vision to be one of the leading innovators in the global field of Vehicle Telematics and Internet of Assets (GPS monitoring and asset management technology). Today, with over 15 years’ experience in the field, we are one of the brightest telematics and Internet of Assets (IoA) solution providers, offering cutting-edge GPS monitoring and productivity solutions to a broad range of industries and markets. Headquartered in Brisbane, we have an international presence via our global partners. This makes it easier to work with large organisations like Rio Tinto, Coles, as well as over 25 Australian Local Government Councils.

We harness, innovate and embrace GPS systems and low bandwidth communication for our customers’ assets because we believe telematics and access to assets key information will fundamentally change the way businesses approach their operations. We understand that data-driven insights can be a lifeline to a business and assets like cars, trucks and other high and low value assets can be a constant source of intelligence for a business. Bigmate’s solution can unlock the assets’ voice and allow them to speak, revealing information than can help monitor assets, save on operational expenses and providing information that can assist in greater business understanding – thus enabling better business decisions to be made.

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