Why Bigmate

Seamless integration to
future-proof your investments.

When you join forces with us, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best.
Our team of experts understands the changing needs of the market, and is constantly adapting to stay ahead of the game.

At Bigmate, we believe it is our responsibility to provide you with technology that is innovative, compliant and above all, future-proof. As one of Australia’s TCA Type approved telematics unit providers, we have been able to design solutions to integrate current and future telematics and C-ITS applications – improving the safety and manageability of the transport network, and reducing congestion and costs.

We’re all about boosting efficiencies for companies of all sizes.

We can offer an affordable and immediate solution that gets you into the IoT market without the need to build your own or run a network, you can use this to deliver our IoA solutions and underpin your IoT initiatives.

We can deepen customer relationships through Asset and telematics enabled offerings and enhance your brand by offering leading-edge features on equipment.

We can offer you an easy-to-use presentation layer that lets you tap into the profit-driving capabilities of your assets.

Oversee everything. Overlook nothing.

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