Equipment Locating Solution

Rail Maintenance Services Pty Ltd (RMS) is a project services company that has been a client of Bigmate’s Telematics Solution for several years. They have been expanding devices connected through Bigmate’s Internet of Things platform so when they had a problem that needed an IoT solution they came to us.

The Problem.

RMS has an extensive fleet of heavy equipments. This includes earth moving machinery and road-rail vehicles. They use these equipments for tasks such as rail works, maintenance, renewal work, and construction. RMS also has a large catalogue of specialised rail attachments which are difficult to locate in the field as they are non-powered.

RMS needed a low cost solution to track their assets easily, and to provide advanced reports on the gathered data to make it meaningful to them.

The Solution.

RMS approached us to solve this problem. They were confident that if we could find a solution they would benefit immensely from having all of their systems under one roof as they already had vehicle monitoring services with Bigmate.

We solved their problem using a combination of:

  • Bigmate’s IoT platform.
  • Bigmate Eagle device.
  • Sigfox network.

The eagle devices were installed on the equipments and communicated to Bigmate’s IoT Platform over the Sigfox network. This allowed RMS to locate their non-powered assets.

Using our technical expertise and systems we were able to accomplish the task that RMS set out. This case study really goes to show the flexibility of Bigmate’s systems and how they are able to adapt to unique use cases.

George Domenico from RMS, added few more benefits: “Implementing controls and measures to ensure expenditures are applied to correct vehicles, obtaining reports to assist with preventive maintenance strategy. Ascertaining real time in vehicle positioning, ensuring safety of personnel and protect company capital expenditure.” 

Utilising our innovative technological solutions such as IoT devices and Platform we have been able to develop new ways to solve old problems for numerous situations.

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