Bin Monitoring Project

Brimbank City Council in Victoria wanted to find an innovative way to monitor bin usage and streamline the emptying process. Dominic Di Martino, Asset and Property Manager at Brimbank City Council, is passionate about promoting smarter and better technologies and decided to enlist the help of Bigmate.

Dominic wanted to transform the way the Council delivers better and more efficient services to the community. The first step was the introduction of smart bins that would streamline the way bin collection was done throughout the area, signifying the start of a smart city.

The Problem.

The method of bin collection that Brimbank Council had was sequential. This meant that some bins were being emptied when it wasn’t necessary, leaving others to overflow. The sequential collection would leave unsightly bins throughout the city, and waste collection time on almost empty bins.

Dominic also realised that there was a lot of variety in bin usage depending on the weather, time of day, and time of year.

The Solution.

In order to create a solution for Brimmark City Council we created a new system. Our system combined our Bigmate IoT platform with the Sigfox network and the PiPlot LevelSense device.

The PiPlot LevelSense is a level sensor that is able to transmit its geolocation, the temperature of the surrounding area, while also being able to detect what angle it is at. Combining this with our IoT platform allowed the Brimbank City Council to accurately track which bins were full and where they were, as well as receive regular reports allowing them to optimise the collection process.

Our IoT platform was also able to easily integrate into the Council’s existing asset management systems and into their GIS mapping system. That integration removed the need to completely overhaul their entire system making the introduction of this new technology easier and smoother.

This initiative was so successful that the Brimbank City Council has aimed to expand the use of these devices further. Next, they want to monitor the urban heat island effect through the temperature sensing capabilities of these devices. Further down the line, there is also the potential for these systems to allow the council to monitor the cleanliness of public bathrooms.

Our systems have been able to integrate into the council’s existing devices and networks streamlining their collection process dramatically and opening doors to further improvements.

Utilising our innovative technological solutions such as IoT devices and software we have been able to develop new ways to solve old problems for all sorts of situations.

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