Brisbane City Council Bus Monitoring Solution

When Brisbane City Council approached Bigmate, they required a new, high tech way to control buses in depots.

At the time that Brisbane City Council enlisted Bigmate’s help the depot was working in the following way; Buses would arrive and park in an empty spot or go to one of the various stations for refueling, maintenance and cleaning. When it was time to get back to driving, the driver would find the bus they are assigned to in the yard and then drive out.

The system had these main problems:

  • Bus drivers had no accurate way of knowing exactly where the bus they were assigned was parked.
  • There was no realtime way of knowing when a bus arrived at or left the depot.
  • There was no quick and simple way to know how many buses were available in the depot.
  • It was difficult to know if a bus was not at its home depot.
  • There was little visibility to knowing bus and driver route assignment.

Until recently there was little that could be done about these issues due to technological constraints and cost.

Bigmate Solution.

Using our technology and expertise, a solution that allowed Brisbane City Council to overcome these challenges while keeping costs low, was devised.

We were able to overturn these problems and create systems that could track buses within 95% accuracy.

The new systems could:

  • Identify when a bus arrived at the depot within 5 minutes.
  • Identify when a bus left the depot within 5 minutes.
  • Identify which station a bus was at within an accuracy rating of 95%.
  • Accurately capture where a bus was parked within an accuracy rating of 95%.

A system providing dashboard reports for the driver and other advanced reports was also developed to demonstrate the effectiveness of these new systems directly.

All of this was completed while keeping costs low in order to provide the greatest benefit to BCC.

How did we do it?

Our Internet of Things platform was the primary base for this upgrade.

It provided connectivity with the buses through the Bigmate Eagle devices and Sigfox network to create a robust system allowing the buses to accurately and quickly update their position.

This new system created a connected, more efficient way to track buses within the depot.

It solved a lot of Brisbane City Council’s issues, like bus location in and outside of the depot, while keeping costs low.

Utilising our innovative technological solutions such as IoT devices and Platform we have been able to develop new ways to solve old problems for numerous situations.

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