How Bigmate can help you with Chain of Responsibility

With new CoR laws coming into effect, all businesses within the supply chain will have a duty of care.

Under this new law, all parties will be obliged to ensure breaches of road transport laws do not occur. This includes taking reasonable steps to prevent breaches of mass, dimension, loading, speed and fatigue.

How will the changes to CoR laws help and impact your Business?

• Improve safety
• Improve compliance
• Require parties to manage risk
• Create a level playing field and increase productivity
• Protect infrastructure
• Protect against the demands of off-road parties that can lead to breaches of the law.

How can Bigmate help drive a positive CoR culture?

Our ULTImate GPS device’s capabilities have been assessed by Transport Certification Australia (TCA) and have passed the standards required to support the transport industry for reliability, durability and accuracy. TCA have type-approved the ULTImate IVU Model number IDP-782 HSPA for robustness, accuracy, reliability, tamper evidence, data storage and security.

How does this help you?

• Enable fit-for-purpose use of telematics
• Gain competitive advantage over your competitors by using superior GPS tracking which is data
approved by the Government.
• Be prepared for the electronic work diary (EWD) implementation (subject to requirements)
• Have a platform that can support Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C -ITS), Vehicle to
vehicle (V2V), Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I), Vehicle to everything (V2X), National heavy vehicle
accreditation scheme (NHVAS) and Chain of Responsibility (CoR).
• Industry leader
• Real-time accuracy on your vehicles which will help logistical analytics
• Support for Intelligent Speed Management

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