How Bigmate is Leveraging TIBCO Jaspersoft and AWS to Quickly Scale and Deliver

Bigmate is a leading innovator in the global field of Vehicle Telematics and Internet of Assets (GPS monitoring and asset management technology). With over 15 years of experience in the field, they are one of the brightest telematics and Internet of Assets (IoA) solution providers, offering cutting-edge GPS monitoring and productivity solutions to a broad range of industries and markets. Bigmate empowers businesses with capabilities that maximize the performance of their assets, creating a better-connected world.

Bigmate has two platforms that deliver IoA solutions: Bigmate Telematics and Internet of Things (IoT).

The Bigmate telematics platform — which has been developed over more than 10 years — provides real-time vehicle tracking and related features. It is also coupled with XML-based APIs for integration. New and emerging telematics applications, such as vehicle engine monitoring, are driving the need for complex dashboards and reporting for customers to access.  With data generated as frequently as once a second, delivering visualizations that bring clarity to the data was vital.

Bigmate’s IoT platform was developed within the last two years from the ground up and was designed for large numbers of devices that generate small data messages.  Very different from telematics, IoT needed a platform that could be customized to deliver data to their clients in the way their clients would like to see it.

Bigmate uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for all of its provisioning and services. Deeply integrated into the unique AWS products and services, their IoT platform is developed to take advantage of a serverless architecture and enable complex RESTful API services. The telematics platform is in the process of migrating to AWS.

Bigmate examined many IoT dashboard and reporting solutions, spending considerable time to see whether there was a solution that could be used to enhance our telematics business while being able to deliver expandability and extensibility needed for the rapidly growing IoT solution.

Bigmate chose TIBCO Jaspersoft based on these key reasons:

  • Ability to deliver a single solution for both their existing telematics solution and meet the rapidly evolving needs of the IoT solution.
  • Ability to scale with the growth of the IoT business.
  • Multi-tenancy that can enable secure “containerization” of client solutions.
  • Ability to Handle complex APIs.
  • Ability to integrate within their web services framework.
  • Flexibility to add new data sources as their platforms evolve.
  • Ability to process large data volumes reliably and efficiently to deliver complex analytics.

Today, Bigmate is leveraging TIBCO Jaspersoft as their IoT and reporting solution to enhance the telematics business, while also delivering expandability and extensibility for their rapidly growing IoA solution. By being heavily integrated into the unique AWS products and services, their IoT platform has been developed to take advantage of a serverless architecture. In turn, Bigmate has gained efficiencies from greater scalability, improved ability to share real-time data across stakeholders, and greater flexibility to add new data sources as the Bigmate IoA platform evolves. The opportunity to expand its platform with TIBCO Spotfire is underway to leverage real-time data presentation within seconds of the data being received and processed by AWS.


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