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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a great technology that is already helping improve the way businesses function. There are enormous volumes of data gathered, but it is not always used effectively or translated into useful information. For some companies that have a diverse range of devices, there is an overload of different types of data to sort through. At Bigmate, we understand this. We understand the need to connect all the moving pieces so that the information gathered makes sense. To this end, we have created the Bigmate IoT platform.

Seamless Integration.

The Bigmate IoT Platform works hand in hand with devices to deliver a seamless solution to users to monitor, manage, report, aggregate and visualise data from sensors. Bigmate’s SaaS-based solution is an open design, capable of delivering complex pilots while scaling to meet the demands of full operational deployments.

Our strength is in the rapid integration of devices and third-party platforms and the delivery of analysis and presentation of information to users. We can do this quickly and effectively as evidenced in the many operational and Proof of Concept deployments we have delivered requiring lateral thinking and complex use cases.

Extreme Compatibility.

Our approach to developing our platform is centred around:

  • Taking a device agnostic approach
  • Ingesting device data that operates on any communications medium (eg. WiFi, NB IoT, Sigfox, LoRaWAN, Lora(Raw), CAT-M1, Cellular or even satellite)
  • Secure data from device to the user
  • Enabling access to raw data
  • Providing data analysis to turn raw data into business answers
  • Access data your way, through website or APIs
  • Provide tools that scale vertically and horizontally (i.e. Provide simple reporting or complex dashboards that are ready made or enable data interaction the way a user would like)

Bigmate has developed its hosted platform around an entirely Australian-based infrastructure within Amazon Web Services that, at its centre, is a serverless architecture to enable a cost effective, scalable and robust solution which can continue to evolve rapidly as changing device and data needs transform cities. Data resides within Australia, and a focus on privacy is foundational with our APIs soon to support field level security so that device data can be granted to users not only for each device but also on each field of data generated.

Our Platform Benefits.

Integrate the device

Test the integration

Address data inconsistencies and anomalies

Deliver insightful information from the data

Enable a consistent view of the data

Deliver information through a single portal

Answers delivered that other systems can use

With a flexible approach for users, we aim to deliver dashboards and reporting that reflects stakeholder needs, and an ability to rapidly develop new ways of viewing data with ease.


Consume from IoT devices in for an integrated approach


Secure storage management and transmission for peace of mind


Scalable storage with low latency for real-time applications


Analyse data the way you want to get the results you need


Presenting the meaningful data from all the sensors on one single platform

Unrivalled Expertise.

Bigmate has built the platform from the ground up to serve global requirements. This approach has allowed us to develop extensive experience and learnings architecturally, industry-wise and operationally. Having internal resources who have first-hand experience as well as having complete control over our platform means we have the resources with a deep understanding from device to data delivery – across the entire lifecycle.

In particular, we can provide technical expertise and support in the following areas:

  • Device selection to address specific business needs
  • Expertise in device management and configuration to ensure you get the data from devices that can deliver the business need
  • Use of the default dashboards and report as well as customisation of dashboards, reporting and alert triggers to enable information to be delivered in the best way for users, working with users to define what they need
  • Communications management and diagnostics
  • End to end support and troubleshooting. Often it can be a challenge to identify the root cause of problems in IoT and Bigmate has the expertise to troubleshoot and address issues at each stage.

Scale in terms of interoperability, capacity and required capability.

The platform has been designed to support scalability from tens to hundreds of thousands of devices. Designed from the ground up to grow with the growth in IoT sensors and devices, the platform has, at its core, a serverless architecture that enables rapid growth of both device ingestion, analytics, storage and APIs.

The web portal, dashboards and reporting have been designed to scale and are continuously monitored for load and performance however we need to configure additional servers for these services manually. In the case of rapid scale up of a deployment, we can further scale the web portal, dashboards and reporting, with notice of two weeks typically required for growth in excess of 10,000 devices or hundreds of new users.

TIBCO Software.

Our unique IoT dashboard and reporting solution has been made possible with our partnership with TIBCO Jaspersoft, who also help deliver expandability and extensibility for our rapidly growing IoA solution. By deeply integrating with unique products and services, our IoT platform has been developed from the ground up to allow anyone to easily get the answers they need inside their dashboard and on their favourite device while taking advantage of serverless architecture features for availability and security.

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