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Strategic Cloud Partner

Bigmate has dedicated its solutions and technology roadmap to align with AWS services both at the edge and in the cloud.  We took this approach because advanced computer vision applications requiring edge and cloud integration need to be highly secure, reliable and integrated to deliver the best results. By integrating AWS edge services such as AWS Greengrass and AWS Systems Manager, our edge hardware can be securely managed, ensuring data can be generated and communicated to the cloud using proven, reliable and secure services.


Unrivalled Flexibility

Leveraging AWS Lambdas at the edge allows Bigmate to rapidly integrate with local systems and IoT Sensors as well as industrial machinery in a reliable and safe manner.  Services like these allow us to integrate with complex machinery such as conveyor belts or moving machinery which, for example, can be stopped when someone gets too close. Utilising AWS edge services results in real-time alerting and machine integrations that will continue on site regardless of any possible disruptions to internet connectivity.

Scalability & Rapid Deployment

AWS has been an important part of allowing Bigmate to effectively service the globe, allowing us to scale and deploy across regions effortlessly – at speed. This capability enables Bigmate to solve complex challenges, bring down deployment barriers and accelerate our go to market strategy.



2020 AWS Technology Partner of the Year AUS/NZ

Bigmate's Insights Platform - hosted only on AWS

Bigmate’s Insights Platform helps visualise what’s happening on site with real-time dashboards and daily or weekly hierarchical reporting.

Bigmate’s Insights Platform has evolved quickly thanks to no storage, compute or architecture barriers. Adding new devices is a simple process and has enabled Bigmate to focus on features rather than architecture design.

Why AWS?

Three reasons we use AWS - a leading cloud services provider

Innovation Enablement

We’re constantly innovating with AWS, leveraging their latest products and services.

Privacy & Security

With cyber attacks becoming more prevalent, our customers have peace of mind knowing their data is safe, hosted with the highest standards for privacy and data security.


AWS’ Lego like offering allows us to accommodate difficult deployment conditions.

Oversee everything. Overlook nothing.

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