WarnyWarny Video Safety & Awareness Solution

Video Safety & Awareness Solution

Keeping your work environments

Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S) are important considerations at the heart of any business. We have invested heavily in developing technology designed to monitor your workplace at all times to assist in driving behavioural change in line with your policy with an endeavour to reduce risk of injury or loss of life.


Proximity Breaches

Our WarnyTM Gateway (edge device) ingests CCTV video streams and detects people, heavy machinery, forklifts, vehicles, etc.  Once detected, the edge device calculates each object’s predicted trajectory, giving insights around when objects may collide or be within a proximity that is too close. 

Based on configured thresholds, alerts are generated. Alerts and detection data are sent in real-time to our Platform for further processing and are then used in dashboards and reports which are provided in real-time or as needed.

Exclusion Zones

We understand that areas in an environment can change between being safe and unsafe depending on operations within that environment. Because of this we built in exclusion zone functionality to define areas which may be hazardous.

We also understand these areas may change within some environments, so whether the exclusion zone is fixed or it constantly changes – we’ve got you covered.


Key industries.

Warehousing & Logistics



Public Infrastructure

Reporting that’s driven by insights.

The Bigmate Platform helps visual what’s happening onsite with real-time dashboards and daily or weekly hierarchical reporting so you can manage a single site or a whole organisation.

Warny keeps people safe onsite by turning on a light and siren when an event is triggered and keeps managers offsite aware of what’s happening in real-time with SMS and email notifications.

Understanding what’s important.

There are a range of benefits that appear from the implementation of Warny. The key benefits are as follows:

Low Cost & Low Friction

As Warny uses existing CCTV cameras there’s no need to replace technology you’ve already invested in. To a large degree Warny is plug and play, so installation is minimal, giving you business insights right away.

It's Easy To Use

There’s no special training required outside of initial installation. If you have access to the internet you can access to our platform.

Drive Change In Safety Culture

Where Warny is deployed, incidents will be identified in real time. This means inappropriate activity that doesn’t coincide with existing OH&S policies will be dealt with as they happen. This drives behavioural change as staff will understand that things don’t go unnoticed or unreported.

Auto Calibration

Many applications of Computer Vision technology require a fixed field of view that cannot be changed. If the field of view is changed the camera will need to be calibrated – not with Warny. If your camera moves, Warny moves with it.

Staff Well-being & Bottom Line

Warny can have a powerful impact on the number of OH&S incidents in your workplace. As a result, the financial and emotional implications of these incidents is reduced.

It's Scalable

Warny was developed as a global product to be rolled out globally, so we partnered with Amazon Web Services where we have built and host all our infrastructure.

Oversee everything. Overlook nothing.

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