What Exactly Do You Get with a Customised Bigmate Solution?

At Bigmate, we know your assets are the backbone of your business. The way they are managed impacts not only your reputation and financial health, but also the overall experience of a customer with your business.

No matter which industries we are talking about, assets will always remain an integral part of the overall efficiency and productivity of the company, thus affecting the revenue generation, customer satisfaction or operational efficiency in one way or another. These asset-intensive industries try to rely on smart asset management and monitoring solutions to observe and handle asset operations. That’s where the Internet of Things (IoT) comes in.

There are five key enablement layers to IoT, and these five layers need to work together to get meaningful information from your assets. The five layers of the IoT ecosystem are:

  • A sensor that collects data.
  • A transit layer to communicate that data.
  • A storage device to hold onto the data.
  • Analyses of the data gathered.
  • Presentation of the useful data in a meaningful and understandable sense.

Each of these layers must be cost effective for the ecosystem to be viable, and the information needs to be useful to your business. Bigmate’s Internet of Assets (IoA) is a subset of the IoT framework. With Bigmate’s IoA, the ability to collect this crucial data becomes immediately more accessible and understandable leading to significant efficiencies which will leverage operations, financials or customer satisfaction in a positive way.

Bigmate’s strength is in the rapid integration of devices and third-party data and the delivery of analysis and presentation of information to users. The Bigmate Platform is device (data source) and carrier agnostic, i.e. it’s capable to ingest data from any IoT device transmitted through any carrier such as Sigfox, LoRaWan, NB-IoT, Wifi, 3G, 4G. Bigmate can also integrated disparate data sources to provide a richer experience, taking data not only from devices but also from other corporate systems.

The IoT platform has been designed to support scalability from tens to hundreds of thousands of devices. Designed from the ground up to keep up with the growth in IoT sensors and devices, the platform has, at its core, a serverless architecture built on world renowned Amazon Web Services (AWS) that enables rapid integration of solutions. Furthermore platform utilises the eminent TIBCO Jaspersoft for data analytics and advanced reporting.

Oversee Everything, Overlook Nothing with tailored Bigmate solutions. Contact us today to see which Bigmate solution will suit your needs best.

Oversee everything. Overlook nothing.

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